Perfecting Execution and Trade Management 2 Day Masterclass

This is an eagerly anticpated and requested Seminar by many traders over the years.  Kam has finally decided to offer a 2 Masterclass on ways to improve your timing and execution of trades, whilst managing them with lesser risk and higher potential reward.


DAY 1: 

  • Focus is on building Understanding of the Process for better Timing and Execution.
  • Various methods for execution will be discussed, and you will learn what works best for more volatile markets and what works better for more liquid markets.
  • How to pick exact prices on a market to read order flow and engage for execution to avoid overtrading and jumping in too early.
  • Kam will share a clearly defined execution strategy so that you will eliminate bad trades and poor timing, whilst enhancing patience and discipline.
  • You will learn how to read Order Flow on the Depth Of Market (DOM) Price Ladder.
  • How to use tools like MarketDelta Footprints (and similar tools on NinjaTrader and Sierra Charts) as well as Jigsaw DOM.

DAY 2: 

  • Kam will show you how to build a plan for various markets to trade around, to set up poetntail trading zones.
  • Focus will be on US Indexes and Crude Oil for live trades, but examples will be shared on ther markets if time permits.
  • Kam will talk you through the state of mind and how it shifts from the start of the day to the open and then through the unfolding live auction.
  • Adapting to live data and making choices on the fly are sometimes required and if required you will see how this is done real-time.
  • You will see how position size is chosen with a potntial price range for entry, and then a stop\target placement decided BEFORE trade execution.
  • Scaling in and out of trades will be shown so that you can see how the concepts you learn on Day 1 are actually applied in real-time.



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